We are the Hanger Slangers!

The ‘Heavy Duty Shoulder Saver Ventilator’ Hanger slangers, that is! Here at Toebock Creative, we have direly helped this revolutionary hanger flourish. With creative assets from web design, to rap songs, it is safe to say that we’ve done it all!
By now, you must be asking yourself: How did this all happen? What exactly is this Baker Hanger? Well, to clarify queries, we have got a little hanger history for you!
Scott Baker, the wave-riding, mechanical engineer, had been faced with an ongoing dilemma throughout his life. His costly wet-suits were meeting demise much too often. Scott soon figured out that the problem was not the suits, but the flimsy hangers on which he hung his suits. So, Scott transfused his mechanical engineering knowledge, with his passion for surfing, and ingeniously created The Baker Hanger ‘Shoulder Saver’!
When Scott Baker created the Baker Hanger in 1994, he merely thought that he created a solution for himself, and his fellow surfers. However,
This revolutionary hanger efficiently dry wet-suits and dry-suits faster than any other hanger. It also prolongs the life span of such clothing, as well as any other heavy-duty garments out there. Scott Baker unknowingly provided a solution for many. This hanger accommodates motor-cross enthusiasts, bikers, firemen, ballistics… the list goes on and on.
Toebock Creative strives to shed light on authentic innovations, so it was a no-brainer that we get involved. Check out our latest work! We have done again, what we do best: bring a great idea to life.