Paris Truck Co

Paris Truck Co. is here, and they are killing it! Joey Pulsifer, owner of Paris and long-time staple in the skateboarding industry—on and off the board—has done something that no one in the skateboard world (or perhaps the entire world) has ever done: he made a cool longboard company.


Toebock Creative’s objective was to design and develop a robust eCommerce website that showcased the Team and latest news from Paris. In addition, we sought out to optimize workflow productivity by integrating Google’s renowned cloud service, Gsuite. Paris Truck Co. just got a lot better!


As we found ourselves cruising through this project, a new light shone on longboarding. After seeing what the Paris Truck Team can do, with 80 mph hill bombs and even the unfathomable longboard flip tricks, Toebock Creative has settled with a newfound respect for longboarding.


Psyche! Longboarding still sucks!

But Paris is tight. Check them out!